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'a nature loving pattern designer from sweden'


Hi there! My name is Karin and I'm the brain behind Studio Kini K, a green design studio based in south of Sweden.


I'll admit it, I have a thing for our Mother Nature. When my loved one and I (plus our dotty dog Silla) moved away from the city and headed for a small brick house by the ocean, with the dearest of garden, I realized the pleasure of growing my own food. This fascination of plants and soil made me look at the world with new eyes. With my bare feet on the ground I felt a mayor gratefulness to our beloved planet. We need to stop this fast spinning wheel of destruction, take a deep breath and just embrace the moment. To find beauty takes practice and attention. When we manage that we can see how beautiful our planet is and all the magic it has created. We need to take care of it and find gratefulness in the abundance.


Fulfilled with this new insight I started to think about how I could spread the word of green and simple living. How can I slow down and appreciate what I have around me and find every day miracles on the way? With a background in art, design and architecture and the inspiration of our green surroundings, I started to create colorful patterns and art prints that are supposed to enlighten us about the beauty of nature and encourage us to take care of each other and our earth mother. And so this studio came alive, with the goal to inspire world wide to a green life filled with love and every day beauty!


Welcome to my studio!



☾☾☾  Karin  ☽☽☽

​Karin Ingemarsson / 

Founder of Studio Kini K
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